Horror developer Steelkrill announces new anomaly title The Stairway 7

Indie game developer Steelkrill Studio, best known for its psychological horror titles with a unique art style, has announced a new anomaly game titled The Stairway 7. In The Stairway 7, players are stuck in a creepy looping stairway with a cat. It’s up to players to spot the differences as they ascend the stairway or else risk getting trapped.

Steelkrill certainly knows how to do psychological horror, responsible for the development of found footage survival horror game The Backrooms 1998 and World War 1 horror survival game Trenches. Earlier this year it also released the cosmic horror game Rotten Flesh where you descend into a dark sewer system in search of your dog Roy while calling for him using your microphone. All of Steelkrill’s titles use a similar washed-out art style that really adds to the horror element, and it seems The Stairway 7 will as well.

It’s hard not to draw comparisons to The Exit 8, but seeing Steelkrill’s unique art style and charm mixed with this type of gameplay really has me excited. According to the Steam page for The Stairway 7, some anomalies will simply try to trick you while others will try to actually hurt and kill you. The further up the stairway you go, the deeper into the madness of the anomalies you go as well, causing more twisted and perilous environments.

While there is no specific release date just yet, Steelkrill plans to release The Stairway 7 next month on Steam.

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