Free Fire World Series Final to be hosted in Brazil this November

  • The Esports final was previously held in Rio De Janeiro
  • Free Fire is one of Garena’s most popular games
  • Many other esports competitions and gaming events have come to Brazil

Popular battle royale shooter Garena Free Fire will see their latest esports final, the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) return to Brazil this November. The competition was first held in Rio De Janeiro and will be returning to the country after Brazil’s Magic Squad team took home the cup at the 2023 Grand Finals.

Come to Brazil

While Brazil may not be the first place you think of when competitive gaming comes to mind, it’s been a growing part of the video game world for years now. Last year Gamescom, one of the biggest industry expos, merged with BIG Festival, another gaming show, in Brazil to form Gamescom LATAM.

It points to an increasing presence of gaming within South America as a whole, where previously high import prices and currency differences have stymied gamers. PUBG Mobile will also be hosting the finales of their Global Open in Brazil, with a prize pool of half-a-million dollars at stake for players. All of this to say is that Brazilians are clearly big gaming fans, and gaming is a big fan of them.

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And what does it mean for us? Well, aside from the obvious fact that esports continues to be a major part of the games landscape – for better or for worse – it also means that games are increasingly being taken seriously. It’s also notable that mobile gaming is forming such a major part of this presence, which given how accessible it is and how easily anyone from any nation can pick up and play games on their phone, it’s no surprise international competition sprouts so easily from it.

Could you be the next master of Garena Free Fire? Why not check out our guides on all the weapons, such as pistols and assault rifles, which you can equip? Could be that the next time the Free Fire World Series rolls around it’s one of our readers standing on the stage to compete.

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