FFXIV fans are already imagining Pictomancer as a chaotic paint gremlin

FFXIV Dawntrail 655 release date

As soon as Final Fantasy XIV‘s new Pictomancer job was revealed during Tokyo Fan Festival, Eorzeans across social media immediately utilized their own artistic talents to honor the game’s next magic user. No announcement would be complete without its fair share of memes, so here’s a few of the finest we’ve found.

For those out of the loop, Pictomancer is the second job announced for FFXIV‘s upcoming Dawntrail expansion. Seemingly based on Final Fantasy 6‘s Relm Arrowny, the new footage of the game showed how the Pictomancer will use the power of art to inflict damage. So, naturally, Pictomancer garnered a plethora of memes exploring the implications of life as a full-time artist. These range from wholesome homages to Bob Ross to… decidedly less wholesome ideas.

So what does Twitter have to say?

Rather than focusing on the whimsy and fun that looks to be coming with Pictomancer, @arcteris decided to instead dwell on what might be possible on the darker side of creation.

While some users chose to focus on the skills that might be coming, others decided to imagine what this could mean for their ships between the Warrior of Light (WoL) and the various Scions.

Anyone with children will tell you that giving paint to a child may as well be seen as giving them a snack. Lets just hope its non-toxic.

No FFXIV announcement would be complete without an Eggroller comic. As always, their addition to the meme pile does not disappoint.

In what is possibly the most accurate meme of all, @Memai333 suggests that the LB3 will be a hastily scrawled plea for mercy.

Its a well known trope that artists will work for exposure. Knowing this, the Twitter-sphere is alight with suggestions that Pictomancer will too.

There was no way that Pictomancer could be announced while avoiding Bob Ross memes. Fans on Twitter did not disappoint with their contributions.

Possibly my favorite of them all, this addition from @MrDarkstar88 will either prove to be a dark piece of foreshadowing or more of a joke with time and experience.

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