Doom: The Dark Ages takes Doomguy back to his days as a Sentinel

As part of the Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda and id Software have pulled back the curtain on the next game in the storied Doom series. True to rumors, Doom: The Dark Ages is coming in 2025.

The trailer doesn’t show much in terms of narrative, but suggests it takes place before Doomguy became a hero. More accurately, judging by the tech on show and how it relates to Doom Eternal, it looks like it will take place during Doomguy’s time as a Sentinel. This happens after Doom 64, and seemingly in an alternate universe/timeline from the original ‘90s games.

That makes it somewhat predictable what the story will be. The worlds of the Sentinels will be invaded by Hell. Doomguy will impress the Sentinels with his sheer rage and hatred for demons. He’ll probably lead the Night Sentinels into Hell. The priests will betray them to the Makyrs. Doomguy will wind up entombed and on ice until the start of Doom (2016).

Not important, I guess. The gameplay shows off a lot of locations on Sentinel worlds like Argent D’nur. Doomguy has a shield that is also a sawblade and a mix of weapons both familiar and more primitive. Many of the enemies are familiar.

I’m down. I absolutely loved Doom Eternal. It has some of the most intense combat I’ve experienced in an FPS. While the narrative they have set up isn’t exactly one I’m very interested in, I’m always down for more of the gameplay. I mean, it looks like we’ll be able to finally pilot one of those big robot suits that were always hanging around in Doom Eternal.

Doom: The Dark Ages is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC sometime in 2025.

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