Develop: Star Awards mobile finalists announced

  • Find out what made the mark on mobile in the Develop: Star Awards finalists
  • Hosted at Develop: Brighton, the awards mark the best in class for games
  • The event will take place at the Brighton Dome for the first time ever

The Develop: Brighton conference is right around the corner, and while developer conferences tend to be pretty dry affairs for people to discuss, one part that’s always fun is the inevitable awards show. Hosted in, well, Brighton, Develop: Brighton brings together game development professionals from the UK and further afield, and the publicly voted Develop: Star Awards look to offer awards for the best-in-class from a variety of genres.

The best mobile category is quite a stacked one, featuring: Cityscapes: Sim Builder, Football Manager 2024 Mobile, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, MONOPOLY GO!, Sonic Dream Team and The Queen’s Gambit Chess. One thing you may be able to pluck out there is that two of these games are published by Netflix, which makes for a very strong presence on the list.

We’ll find out who’s won the award for Best Mobile Game at the Develop: Star Awards 2024 when it takes place on the 10th of July in Brighton. Until then you’ll just have to hope your favourite pick makes the cut!

Stars in your eyes


Check out the video above to find out what you can expect from the upcoming awards show!

Aside from the obvious fact that we’ve got a pretty interesting diversity of mobile games in this award category, like we said it’s also worth pointing out that Netflix has a pretty strong showing here. We discussed in a recent feature about Netflix Games and what it could do to change its presence to be more, dare we contemplate it, successful.

But these awards showcase that at the very least, in terms of critical recognition, the streamer is not lagging behind by any means.

In any case, there are a lot more mobile games out there to try. And our regular weekly feature covering them, the top 5 new mobile games to try this week, has just been released! Check it out for some indie hits and more that we reckon are well worth a try!

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