Dead Cells developer ends support, focusing on new projects

Dead Cells developer Evil Empire is no longer working on the game, bringing to a close five years of updates.

The roguelite Metroidvania has received four DLC expansions, 18 updates, and crossovers with Castlevania, Hollow Knight, and more, with Evil Empire acting as a subsidiary of developer Motion Twin to support the game long term.

In a statement from Evil Empire, it explained the team is now working in full on “secret projects” to be revealed “very soon”.

Windblown | Announcement TrailerWatch on YouTube

“We are immensely proud of the work we have put into the game, we loved every minute and are very thankful to Motion Twin for trusting us and letting us play with their baby for so long,” reads the statement.

“The good news is that our Dead Cells team have been unleashed to pump their talent into our secret projects, and we’ll be revealing what their crazy minds have been coming up with very soon! Meanwhile we of course wish the best for Motion Twin and godspeed to their new game Windblown.”

Windblown was revealed at The Game Awards at the end of last year – it’s a “lightning-fast combat roguelite” coming to Steam in early access some time this year, see more in the trailer above.

It’s unclear what projects Evil Empire is working on, though the statement ends “time to start a new game (or two)”.

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