Castaway Revealed Itself in a Brand-New Trailer

Take a Look at Castaway Right Now

The indie game studio Canari Games just released the official reveal trailer of their upcoming title Castaway. It showcases the vibrant pixel art, the delightful music as well as the various adventures that await us. The game is coming soon on PC via Steam and, and the release date will be announced sometime later. Take a look at the brand-new trailer right below.

Prepare yourself for a short and sweet adventure in Castaway, a retro-inspired action-adventure game that takes place in a vibrant pixelated world. Step inside the shoes of Martin whose spaceship crash-landed on an uncharted island. Unfortunately, some hostile creatures have captured and taken away his faithful pet.

You must retrieve your weapons and embark on an epic quest to rescue your kidnapped companion in this appealing and unexpectedly dynamic world. Take down all the 3 bosses in the concise and thrilling “Story Mode” and unlock the addictive “Survivor Mode”. Here, you must again ascend a 50-floor tower, that gets increasingly challenging.

Key features:

– For All Ages: The game is ideal for players of all ages as it has different game modes.

– Charming Pixel Art Graphics: Immerse yourself in a 2D retro pixel art world reminiscent of classic adventure games. It’ll feel like coming home.

– Unique Weapon Abilities: Solve puzzles by acquiring weapons with distinct characteristics – the sword for speed, the pickaxe for power, and the grappling hook for increased mobility.

– Enchanting Soundtrack: Enjoy chiptune melodies, whether heroic or haunting, paying homage to the 8-bit console era.


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