Who is Joey Graziadei? What to know about the new Bachelor

There’s a new Bachelor in town and his name is Joey Graziadei.

After being unlucky in love during Charity Lawson’s season of “The Bachelorette,” the 28-year-old tennis pro is about to have his turn at handing out roses to the 32 ladies competing for his heart.

“I’m lucky to meet so many amazing women,” Graziadei says in a teaser for the upcoming season. “And I hope they feel lucky to meet me.”

Graziadei was officially announced as the next Bachelor for Season 28 of the ABC dating reality series on Aug. 21 during “The Bachelorette” finale. The athlete had been a season favorite and Bachelor hopeful after not ending up with Lawson.

“I’m looking for someone that’s just themselves. Someone that challenges me. Someone to do life with,” he said speaking to host Jesse Palmer during the finale. He also had a message to his future cast: “Be yourself.”

Viewers will get to see Graziadei get his chance at love when Season 28 of “The Bachelor” premieres on Jan. 22.

So before Graziadei suits up and gets to meet his future wife, here are a few facts about him to hold you over.

He graduated from West Chester University and then moved to Hawaii

Graziadei graduated from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He previously shared a photo on his Instagram from his graduation day, reminiscing on his time at the school.

On March 31, 2017, he announced that he would be moving to the tropical state to start a new chapter.

“It’s official. After graduation I will be moving to Hawaii to be the Head Tennis Pro at Makai,” he captioned his post.

He’s a tennis pro

Graziadei has a great love for tennis. According to his “Bachelorette” profile, he teaches tennis and spends his “days on the court and evenings on the beach watching the sunset with friends.”

During his time on the reality show, he and Lawson even spent some time playing tennis, seeing if they were compatible as partners on and off the court.

He’s an outdoors guy

When he’s not looking for love or teaching tennis, he enjoys various outdoor activities. He is an avid star gazer, loves to be out on the golf course, hiking and chasing waterfalls, catching waves on his surfboard and more, per his Instagram.

His bio also notes that he “is looking for a partner who can share in his love for adventure.”

He’s also a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan and is even up for rollerblading, Ken style, as seen on an episode of “The Bachelorette.”

Graziadei in a neon pink outfit with roller blades holds a mic onstage.
Graziadei on a group date inspired by Greta Gerwig’s film, “Barbie” in an episode that aired on July 10.Craig Sjodin / ABC

He considers himself ‘friendly and loyal’

When he competed on “The Bachelorette,” Graziadei described himself as “outgoing, friendly and loyal” in his “Bachelorette” bio.

He’s proven that he’s quite the catch during his time on “The Bachelorette.” Even though he didn’t end up with Lawson, she was charmed by him during her season and it was between him and Dotun Olubeko.

During the finale, Lawson said he was someone who would “embrace every single aspect of me.” 

His zodiac sign is Gemini, if you’re curious

He was born on May 24, 1995, which makes him a Gemini.

He enjoys country music

His music choice preference are the twangy sounds of country music.

Graziadei in a blue sweatshirt, green flannel and jean jacket smiles against a mountain backdrop.
Graziadei in Washington State.
Joey Graziadei / Instagram

He’s a family guy

Graziadei has spoken about his family during “The Bachelorette” and the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast.

“My parents split when I was pretty young. I wouldn’t say it was easy. But my family is just an extremely loving family,” he said. “And both my parents were amazing co-parents, so the fact that that didn’t work out doesn’t take away from romance for me.”

His parents separated when his father, Nick Graziadei, revealed he was gay. He shared the story with Lawson while on the show after making sure it was OK with his dad.

“It’s something that’s affected me, but it’s really his life,” he explained on the podcast. “I had that conversation with him, and he was comfortable and trusted me on how I would talk about it, and it would be shared in the right light.”

However, some fans were disappointed that his father and his husband were not featured in the hometown episode.

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