Summer House’s Jesse Solomon Shares “Abnormal” Results of Testicular Cancer Scan – E! Online

Jesse Solomon is facing another potential health scare.

During Summer House‘s May 16 episode, the two-time testicular cancer survivor received some unsettling news during a routine doctor’s appointment after noticing something suspicious in his groin.

“The doctor felt something and I felt something separate,” Jesse recounted during a phone call to costars West Wilson and Ciara Miller, “and both things were abnormal. We had to wait like two hours for the ultrasound. I’ll get the results soon enough, but hopefully it’s fine. 50/50 shot.”

Jesse’s castmates were understandably worried by the update, but the 30-year-old put on a brave face as he waited for the results of his check-up.

“Everybody’s texting me like, ‘Hey, what’s the news?'” Jesse added. “It’s like I don’t want to scare everyone.”

Thankfully, Jesse’s mom Sheryl was by his side for the appointment to support her son.

As for her reaction to the uncertain outcome of Jesse’s health amid his latest scan, he told West and Ciara, “The past four years I’ve gotten clean check-ups so she thought this would be no problem, but here we are.”

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