Riley Keough, Jesse Eisenberg Are Shaggy Beasts in ‘Sasquatch Sunset’ Trailer

The film arrives in theaters on April 12

Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg shape-shift into shaggy, mythical beasts in the absurdist comedy Sasquatch Sunset.

Less than a minute into Bleecker Street’s Sasquatch Sunset trailer, one bearded sasquatch dry humps another in a North American forest. The trailer then follows the family of ape-like creatures as they forage, hike, and interact with wildlife over the course of a year. Christophe Zajac-Denek (Oz the Great and Powerful) and Nathan Zellner also star as members of the tribe, who are unrecognizable by makeup and costume head Steve Newburn’s layers of fur and primate-inspired makeup. The 89-minute dramedy contains no words, unless you count the grunt, screams, sneezing, and other innate reactions.

Tagged as “the greatest Bigfoot story ever told,” the David and Nathan Zellner-directed film first premiered at Sundance Film Festival last month. In 2011, David Zellner released Sasquatch Birth Journal 2, a short film that observed the hairy creature giving birth while squatting on a tree.

“Apparently, the indie director didn’t get the Bigfoot obsession completely out of his system,” Rolling Stone’s David Fear wrote.


The Zellner brothers debuted their movie Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter at Sundance back in 2014.

The “epic, hilarious, and ultimately poignant journey” by the primate creatures was produced by Lars Knudsen, Tyler Campellone, the Zellner brothers, George Rush, Eisenberg, and David Harari. Ari Aster executive produces. The film arrives in theaters on April 12.

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