Lorraine Kelly slams ‘utter b******s’ who stole athlete’s prosthetic legs

Lorraine Kelly has slammed the culprits who stole from Royal Marine Mark Ormrod’s car on Tuesday night while parked outside a Premier Inn in London. The 40-year-old took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to show his followers his smashed up boot after thieves broke in and stole a number of his belongings including his prosthetic legs.

In view of his 32,000 he wrote alongside the video: “They stole a bag full of sweaty gym cloths, another bag with my JiuJitsu Gi in and what’s really inconvenient is they took a set of my prosthetic legs! Despite having 3 cameras pointing at my car I was told by the staff at the hotel that they couldn’t see any activity as the view to my car was blocked by another car (might be time to reposition those cameras).

“The sad thing is to think that someone would break into a car parked in a disabled parking space and steal equipment someone needs to live independently and not even care.” According to the BBC, the hotel chain said they were looking into what happened.

Presenter Lorraine is one of many who has shared the clip and vented her anger over the situation. She wrote: “Utter b*****s. Sorry that has happened to you mate.” Another commented on Mark’s post: “Sorry Mark, what charming people there are around. Will your insurance cover the cost of the new legs? If not I am sure lots of us would be happy to chip in a bit.”

A third typed: “I honestly can’t believe this. Genuinely gob smacked?! Anything we can all do to help @MarkOrmrod.” A fourth commented: “Horrendous. Very sorry to read this.”

After the post gathered attention on social media, a woman contacted Mark to say she’d discovered his belongings dumped in an alleyway.

Alongside a video of him finally reuinted with the stolen items, he wrote: “THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA!

“So on my way out of London tonight I checked my emails and DM’s and had messages from a woman who said she’d found my stuff just after 8pm last night in an alley by her house and somehow saw my social media post about it!!! I now have everything back.”

In response to a fan, Mark also revealed his smashed window was now repaired.

The Invictus Games athlete has since shared a post about his thoughts on the culprit who is yet to be found.

He wrote: “I’ve been thinking a lot these last 24hrs! For someone to break into anyone’s car and steal from them is wrong.

“To break into a disabled persons car makes me think that the thief was desperate and I’m going to assume (rightly or wrongly) that they’re life’s in a bad place and they’re down on their luck, HOWEVER what I will say is this…

“We may not always be responsible for our situations in life and it may not always be our fault when we’re down on our luck BUT… it is ALWAYS our responsibility to pull ourselves up and make our lives better (internally & externally).”

Mark went on to say whoever stole his stuff must be down on their luck and encouraged them to get pull themselves back up, just like he did.

He added: “Draw a line in the sand, take personally responsibility for your life, pull yourself up and take your life to where you want it to be.”

The former marine had his legs and right arm amputated after a blast while serving with 40 Commando Royal Marines in Afghanistan.

After being pronounced dead twice, he miraculously battled through three surgeries and went on to become the first triple amputee to survive the war.

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