Jon Stewart Returns to His Yelling Desk

Jon Stewart has returned to his old stomping (yelling) grounds. On his first segment back as host on The Daily Show, where he will be taking over hosting duties on Mondays to cover election season, he received a standing ovation before diving into Donald Trump’s selective memory. Stewart also explains to the campaign teams that it is not ageist to call the presidential candidates old; Joe Biden and Trump are breaking their own record of oldest candidates. “[Trump] is an old man; he is objectively an old man on a human scale,” jokes Stewart in a rebuttal on Trump’s age. “That’s not being ageist; that’s being human life span-ist.” Stewart takes a moment from shouting and tapping his pen on the desk to stare deep into the camera, reminding everyone how much time has passed, “Give the kids a treat of the lunar surface here.”

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