Jimmy Kimmel Isn’t Taking Aaron Rodgers’s Epstein Claims Lightly

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The most random celebrity feud of the moment seems to be between Jimmy Kimmel and Aaron Rodgers. The two have been taking shots at each other for the past week, but why is the late-night host beefing with a conspiracy theorist/footballer? Well, right before the Jeffrey Epstein documents were released last week, Rodgers was a guest on ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show and claimed that Kimmel’s name would be found on the list on January 2. “There’s a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel are really hoping that doesn’t come out,” said Rodgers on the show, seemingly out of random. “I’ll tell you what, if that list comes out, I definitely will be popping some sort of bottle.” Kimmel rebutted that claim on Twitter later that day and threatened to take him to court if he continued with his allegations. When the list came out, Kimmel was nowhere in those documents.

At the top of January 8’s show, Kimmel immediately addressed Bottleless Rodgers’s comments in his monologue and explained how he’s never even met Epstein. He shared how dangerous it is to spread misinformation and how there are many people who take what people like Rodgers say to heart. “A lot of delusional people honestly believe I am meeting up with Tom Hanks and Oprah at Shakey’s once a week to eat pizza and drink the blood of children,” joked Kimmel. “Either he actually believes that my name was going to be on Epstein’s list, which is insane, or the more likely scenario is that he doesn’t actually believe that he just said it because he’s mad at me for making fun of his top knot and his lies about being vaccinated.” He continued to re-tell several jokes he’s made about him, including one where he made fun of “Wack Pack” Rodgers for believing UFOs were a distraction by the government for the Epstein list last year. Kimmel said of Rodgers’s intelligence: “Aaron got two A’s on his report card, and they’re both in the word Aaron.”

He closes out the monologue by giving Rodgers a chance to apologize for his defamatory claims. While he doesn’t think Rodgers will do it (Rodgers says he’s going back on the Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday), Kimmel does offer some real evidence for someone who’s actually around Epstein: Donald Trump.

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