Gemma Atkinson left ‘sore and swollen’ after ‘big operation’

Gemma Atkinson has opened up about the caesarean she underwent for the second time. The Strictly Come Dancing star, 39, has been candid about the aftermath of her second birth.

The BBC star welcomed son Thiago last July and took to social media to share her experience to get a conversation started. She penned a lengthy post on Instagram where she was hailed by fans.

She sent an honest message to mums who are about to have the procedure as well as those who might deliver via C-section in the future. Alongside the caption, she posted a string of images focusing on her scar.

In one of the images, she showed her scar just three days after the birth and compared it to what it looks like now. Gemma was spotted in the black bikini holding the tot donning her toned physique.

Writing on Instagram, Gemma said: “The amount of messages I get from new mums asking if is it normal for them to be sore & swollen after a section is unbelievable. A C-section is a BIG operation.

“It’s essentially birth & abdominal surgery. They cut through 7 layers to get your baby out and in my opinion there unfortunately isn’t enough information about the aftercare.

“I was bruised, swollen & tender for a while with both mine, and I didn’t even contemplate exercising until around 15 weeks PP. It just isn’t worth it.”

She went on to say that she was taken aback when she first caught sight of her scar and was unsure of it.

However, over time she explained that by looking at it, it has helped her grow fond of it and is at ease.

She continued: “I know some women who are so upset at having to have a section they can’t even look at their scar. When my bandages first came off I was shocked at the mess my tummy was in.”

“It hurt when I coughed, sneezed, had a poo and when I held Mia & Thiago. I couldn’t even open the fridge without being in pain,” she explained.

“Now is a completely different story. It’s barely visible and has turned from pink to a very pale white. It used to be tender to touch but that stopped after about 6 months.

Gemma recommended a series of techniques that have helped over the past year.I regularly massage it myself in bed with oil to increase movement & flexibility around it. It also helps soften the scar and decrease scar tissue build-up,she said.

Following the births of her children – Mia and Thiago – the actress was honest and said she had a mummy MOT to check her posture, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles.

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