‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Season 2 Reunion: Which Couples Are Still Together?

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Warning: This post contains spoilers from the season 2 reunion of Farmer Wants of Wife.

Farmer Wants a Wife‘s season 2 finale episode brought fans into the moment where the leading men chose between their final two women, asking them to join them on the farm. Now, it’s time to find out whether the remaining couples are still together — and whether the farmer believes they’ve found their wife.

The May 9 season finale saw  Farmer Brandon Rogers pick Grace GirardFarmer Mitchell Kolinsky chose Sydney Errera and Farmer Nathan Smothers ended up with Taylor Rachelle BeDell. However, Farmer Ty Ferrell opted to break off his connections with his finalists Melody Fernandez and Megan Lay, ending his journey solo.

Megan and Melody took issue with how Farmer Ty, 42, handled their respective breakups. Coming to Megan’s defense, Melody said she felt like Farmer Ty “might’ve just missed a really good thing” with Megan, who has vocalized her desire to have children while Farmer Ty has remained hesitant on the matter.

L-R: Farmer Brandon, Dater Grace, Dater Sydney, Farmer Mitchell, host Jennifer Nettles, Farmer Ty, Dater Taylor, and Farmer Nathan in the reunion episode of ‘Farmer Wants a Wifr’.

Mark Hill / FOX

“I don’t like that excuse. I don’t think it’s a really good one,” Melody said, with Farmer Ty noting that his current situation as a father of one “changes” how he navigates dating.

Farmer Ty still had no regrets about his decision as he remains open to finding love. “Of course, I’d never throw that emotion away,” he said. “That’s something that I definitely want.”

Find out where the remaining three farmers stand with their chosen contender.

Farmer Nathan and Taylor

(L-R) Taylor Rachelle BeDell and Farmer Nathan Smothers on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’.

Mark Hill / FOX

After deciding to start a life together, Farmer Nathan, 23, invited Taylor, 25, to spend the holidays with his family. He then revealed that the pair are still together but Taylor has “not yet” moved to the farm.

“But we’re definitely talking about plans of probably within the next year,” Taylor shared.

“I’ve always prayed for a Godly man that was gonna be my best friend, somebody who blesses every meal I eat, opens every car door and asks me to dance every time a slow song comes on,” she continued. “It’s all I can ask for.”

Farmer Nathan said Taylor’s love for him “makes me want to be a better man and be the best possible person I can be for her.” As for whether he’s possibly found a wife, Farmer Nathan said: “Maybe in the future, that might be in the mix. I love Taylor very much.”

Farmer Brandon and Grace

(L-R) Farmer Brandon Rogers and Grace Girard on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’.

Mark Hill / FOX

Despite Farmer Brandon’s hesitancy to move forward with Grace, 25, due to her life being so deeply ingrained in the big city, the 29-year-old still felt it was worth the risk because they had “established a really good emotional connection.” Unfortunately, after exploring their connection further post-show, they have since separated.

“We are not actually together,” Farmer Brandon shared, sparking an emotional reaction from Grace, before he added, “Grace and I spent, obviously, the whole time on the show together as well as some time together after the show. I really feel like I feel strongly for her. Amazing woman, but for me, it’s become a really strong friendship connection and sadly, that did not really grow into the romantic connection that I was looking for.”

After wiping away tears, Grace noted that it was “really hard” for her to hear Brandon’s “logic” regarding his thoughts on their connection. “I think my feelings were more apparent or stronger than maybe his were for me,” she said. “I was always hopeful that it was gonna end in this beautiful happy ending where it works out. At the same time, I think we gave it our all and that’s all you can ask for.”

Both Farmer Brandon and Grace are now hopeful and “open” to finding the right love for them in the future.

Farmer Mitchell and Sydney

(L-R) Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’.

Mark Hill / FOX

Farmer Mitchell, 27, kept the good vibes going with Sydney, 22, after filming wrapped. Now, they’re as strong as can be as Mitchell said: “I think love’s blooming.”

“She’s my girl,” Farmer Mitchell continued, pulling Sydney in for a hug. “… I’m thankful to have her by my side and I hope it continues to be that way. There’s never been a girl that’s made me feel the way that she makes me feel, and I can be my authentic self.”

From Sydney’s perspective, she feels “calm” with Farmer Mitchell and knows she’s “always going to be okay” when she’s with him. “It’s just a good feeling to have. I’ve never had a feeling like this,” she added.

As for what’s next for them, Mitchell said in response to whether he’s found his wife: “I’d love to think so!”

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