Cardi B And Ice Spice Cooled Off Rumors They Have Beef With A Cute Photo From ‘Vanity Fair’s Oscars Party

You know how women in hip-hop keep telling us that all the supposed beef between them is all in fans’ heads?

Cardi B and Ice Spice just proved it.

The above picture was taken at Vanity Fair‘s annual Oscars party this year. Ice Spice sent it to Cardi on Twitter after Cardi asked if she could see it while engaged in an intense discussion of race with an influencer, Raymonte Cole (it’s a long story).

After Cardi and Raymonte referenced Ice Spice, the “Think U The Sh*t” rapper popped up herself to offer a correction. Not appearing to take offense in the slightest, Cardi politely requested, “Can you send me that pic you took of me wit ya camera from vanity fair? Thank youuu.” Ice obliged, and with that, hopefully ended about a year’s worth of utterly nonsensical rage-farming, Twitter trolling, and Stan war flame-fanning that has honestly been tired since before anyone even know who Ice Spice was.

Of course, the primary drivers behind the discourse discord, the Barbz, are losing their sh*t, but at this point, I would hope we have all learned they deserve precisely none of our collective attention, especially because that’s all they seem to want. Y’all can, like, join a bowling league or something. Of course, some fans are STILL trying to frame the whole exchange in antagonistic terms but I guess life is either really messy or really boring over there.

Anyway, now that Ice Spice has apparently been in direct proximity with both Cardi B and Latto without violence, perhaps my dream of a “girl rap” Avengers carrying Joe Budden directly to the dumpster his podcast takes belong in is one step closer.

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