Calgary Sun Letters to the Editor for Thursday, April 4, 2024

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Time for change

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R/E “Bad Day For Dogs”

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When is enough, enough?

When is it time to ban the breeds?

These mastiffs,rottweilers etc. are not dogs, they are animals that have no reason to be kept as pets.

Dorn Andersen

(The idea has been floated, we will see if this latest fatal attack forces change.)

If it’s good enough for them

RE: PM demands premiers provide a carbon tax alternative

Let Canada mirror China

I’m not a premier but my carbon tax alternative is simple and right up Emperor Trudeau’s alley.

Canada’s carbon tax will mirror every carbon tax initiative of his Chinese ally Xi Jinping.

So far that is zero tax. There you have it. Problem solved.  

Dyan Cross

(Not a bad idea.)

Boos were well earned

RE: Disrespectful by Bonny Ocean April 2, 2024.

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Ms. Ocean needs to get a life. Mayor Jyoti Gondek deserved to get booed at Saturday’s hockey game for the damage she caused Calgary. What does she expect? The Mayor made Calgary an expensive place to live by squandering our tax money, interfering in parental rights which is a provincial jurisdiction and cut funding to the police. 

I found that hilarious when I saw that. 

Jyoti Gondek is the worst Mayor Calgary has ever had. 

It’s obvious that Ms. Ocean voted for the Mayor and if so, she is just as equally a part of the problem as the mayor is. 

I did not vote for Jyoti Gondek. Ms. Gondek is despicable. I disrespect the mayor. The “misbehaving” at the game was caused by people angry at her. The petition drive to get her recalled was justified, so disrespect Gondek.

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Keith Drebit.   

(The petition may have been justified, but it doesn’t look like it will succeed.)

We need a break

I think Canadians are overly tired of the bountiful number of special interest groups we have become inundated with and screaming about every social and environmental cause they can dream of. The only real certainty with all of these groups is they represent a very small minority of Canadians but receive a large majority of focus and visibility. Time to put them, and keep them, on the sidelines and give us all some well needed peace and quiet.

Phil Barker

(All protests, or just the ones you disagree with?)

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