Brett And Tiffany Talk Dating, Black Love, And Marriage After “Love Is Blind”

What would you say are the best parts of being married to each other?

TPB: It’s just having somebody that I feel like I can trust completely and can completely rely on. I love how we think and talk through things. I think we’re a little different in some ways, but I just feel like Brett just kind of balances me out. So that’s what I would say has been great about our marriage, especially ’cause of how we got married, like so quickly. Things can go either way, and I’m glad to say that it’s just gotten better and better the longer that we’ve been married.

BB: Yeah, I agree with everything Tiffany just said. Having a partner through everything has been big for me. I was single for a long time before going on Love Is Blind and meeting Tiffany, and thinking back, there were a lot of things that I did as an individual and experiences like traveling that I did as an individual, and it’s so much better to experience things with your person. So like me and Tiffany, thankfully we travel so well together. And like she was saying, she balances me out as well. I mean, I’m probably a little more buttoned up and not as loose as Tiffany is in some things. I’m really kind of focused, like, “Hey babe, you gotta do this, you gotta do that, and this, and…” [Laughs]

TPB: He’s a very responsible individual, but that’s what I love about him too. [Laughs]

BB: Yeah, I’m like responsible to a fault, so Tiffany kind of balances me to be like, “Brett, chill.” Like, “Hey, it ain’t that serious, babe.” And I’m like, “OK, you’re right.”

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