Bill Nye eclipses our wildest expectations with his latest photo shoot

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Bill Nye is celebrating the upcoming solar eclipse in style.

Ahead of the rare event, which will occur on Monday, April 8, the engineer and television personality spoke to Time Out New York about the best ways to safely enjoy the eclipse — all while wearing out of this world looks.

“I really encourage everybody to take that day, that midday drive up the road. Get in the totality,” he said. “If you’re not quite in the path, it’s not quite the same.”

Although he said the eclipse will only last approximately three minutes and 18 seconds, he described it as a must-see event

“It will change your life,” Nye said.  

He plans to witness the moment the moon moves between the Earth and the sun in Texas at the Planetary Society’s Eclipse-O-Rama party, he told the publication. 

“Don’t miss this eclipse. It’s a big deal. The next one’s not for 20 years. You don’t know where you’re going to be or if you’re going to be able to be there. So catch this one,” he encouraged his fans. 

Nye also stressed the importance of wearing special eclipse glasses to protect your eyes. But for his Time Out New York photo shoot, he donned different pairs of colorful sunglasses to match a series of flashy outfits. 

The 68-year-old posed in multiple ensembles that drastically deviated from his normal blazer and bow tie style. He gave his best smolder while wearing an orange puffer vest, baggy cargo pants and boots in one photo. In another, he pretended to punch the camera while wearing a chain and an all-black tracksuit.

Time Out New York and The Planetary Society, the nonprofit organization that Nye leads, posted the photo shoot on Instagram. Fans couldn’t get enough of Nye’s new look. 

“Bro dropped the hardest editorial pics for the solar eclipse. ATE,” one said. 

Another commented, “BILL NYE SWAGGER AND DRIP??? Leave some coolness for the rest of us, William.” 

One Instagram user wrote, “Bill Nye lookin kinda FLY.” 

Many agreed that the science guy was “serving” and “in his baddie era.” Others poked fun at his usual buttoned-up persona. 

“Bill Nye is like, bouta to flex the periodic table on y’all, show you a real chemical reaction,” one joked.

Another fan said she enjoyed seeing how much the educator has evolved since he became a household name in the ‘90s with his show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

“I love that I grew up with him in science class and get to see him be just a bad ass as he ages,” she said.

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