BBC Presenter Dr. Michael Mosley Found Dead at 67 on Greek Island – E! Online

A search for a missing veteran BBC presenter has ended in tragedy.

The body of Dr. Michael Mosley, a British medical journalist and documentary producer, was found on the Greek Island of Symi June 9, four days after he vanished during a vacation with his wife. He was 67.

The TV personality was located on a rocky beach in Agia Marina, according to local officials and state news TV channel ERT.

Symi Mayor Eleftherios Papakalodoukas had joined the search efforts, patrolling the coast on a boat with ERT journalists, whose cameraman spotted and filmed what was later determined to be British presenter’s body on the shore.

“We analyzed the recorded evidence and it was obvious that it was, unfortunately, Mosley,” Papakalodoukas said, according to  Reuters. “He was found 10 meters away from the sea, 10-15 meters from his destination, the beach of Agia Marina, between a fence and a path.”

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