A Welsh Family Adventure – TNT Magazine

The faster you go, the more technical it becomes, and that provides plenty of challenges on the way down. The whole session lasts around 4 hours, so the perfect morning or afternoon activity.

The price for the ‘Ticket to Ride’ activity starts at £85 per child, with a family price of £325 for 2 adults and 2 children, this includes bike hire, protection, uplift, guide for the session and the half time refreshments. I would strongly recommend this to anyone wanting to try out more adventurous mountain biking, and will evaporate any nerves about being at a bike park full of very experienced riders and technical trails. There were seven in our group in total, with a mix of families and adults keen to build confidence on the trails. One of our group was a mad keen cyclist, but felt intimidated by her friends egging her to join them on more adventurous trips, and just wanted to build confidence without the peer pressure, before going out on the trails with her mates, so this is ideal for solo visits too.

The park also runs kids clubs and more advanced training sessions. If you have already got some good experience in trail park riding, then you can book a session with bike hire and uplift or simply bring your own bikes, and pay for entry to the park and the uplift (£18 per rider and around £50 per rider for the uplift). This might seem like an expensive day out, but the trails, facilities are some of the best in the country and benefits from some of the best first responders who you will hopefully never meet, but will be super grateful for if you do ever need them.

The park isn’t just about tearing up the forest with bike trails, it’s also super active on it’s regeneration and ecology too, already well on it’s way to becoming carbon neutral! The community impact is also impressive, with the impact on tourism in places like Merthyr Tydfill being very welcomed. 

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