Business Success Story: This Person Defied Family Wishes To Join Transportation Biz, Owns 5700 Vehicles Now

Only when someone is determined about doing something and puts tremendous effort towards their goal can they succeed. The success of Vijay Sankeshwar, also referred to as the “trucking king of India,” is proof positive that perseverance and hard work are always worthwhile. Vijay’s strong work ethic, independent thinking, and unwavering determination have brought him this far that from a single truck he purchased with a loan, he is now the proud owner of about 5700 vehicles. 


Vijay Sankeshwar owns the largest logistics company in India, VRL Group. The millionaire businessman also owns India’s largest fleet of commercial vehicles. He has launched the leading newspaper in Kannada, Vijaya Vani. In addition, he has been awarded the Padma Shri by the government of India for his contribution to trade and commerce.

Early life of Vijay Sankeshwar 

Vijay Sankeshwar was born in Karnataka. He holds a degree in commerce. Vijay’s father owned a printing press and encouraged him to follow in his footsteps, but he had no interest in the family business. Vijay desired to launch his own company in the transportation industry. 

Journey from one truck to the owner of India’s biggest fleet of commercial vehicles

Vijay Sankeshwar defied his parents’ wishes and entered the transportation industry. It was futile to expect financial assistance from the family because Vijay started the logistics company against their wishes. For Vijay, the transportation business was really challenging at the moment. In 1976, he launched a transportation company with a truck bought with borrowed money of Rs 2 lakhs. Vijay first experienced significant losses in business. However, he didn’t waver in his resolve to be successful in this industry. He had to work day and night in order to turn his dream of becoming a prosperous businessman into reality.

For Vijay, the transition from one truck to over five thousand trucks was never easy. Despite having numerous financial obstacles, he never gave up. Every time Vijay overcame an obstacle, he emerged stronger than before to move on to his next endeavor. Vijay started the logistic business with the name Vijayanand Travels which later got changed to VRL Logistics. The business kicked off and from just one truck Vijay now became the owner of about 5700 vehicles. 

In 2012, Vijay launched Vijaya Vani, which rose to prominence as Kannada’s leading newspaper. The Kannada-language biographical film Vijayanand, which is based on his life, was released in 2022. 

If Vijay Sankeshwar’s life so far is any evidence, his journey is far from over.

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