Dali: Ship that hit Baltimore bridge on the move again

A total of 21 crew members, most of them Indian, have been left on board the ship. Their phones have been confiscated by the FBI and they have had limited communication with shore. Union officials said earlier this month that “morale has understandably dipped” on board the ship.

The FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are investigating the collapse.

The sailors will remain on-board “for the foreseeable future” while the investigation continues, although the company hopes they will be allowed to disembark soon after the ship is berthed. Darrel Wilson, a spokesperson for Synergy Marine, the Dali’s Singapore-based management company, told the BBC in a statement on Monday.

“All are in good health and are holding up well,” Mr Wilson said, adding that 24-hour counselling services have been made available.

Pre-prepared Indian food is also being delivered regularly to give the cooks on board a rest.

“The crew are keeping busy with their normal duties on board, as well as assisting with the investigation and the ongoing salvage work. Nobody knows the vessel better than they do, hence their integral role in the future movement of the Dali,” he added.

The city of Baltimore has sued the ship’s owners, Grace Ocean Private Limited, and its manager, Synergy Marine Private Limited, alleging gross negligence and recklessness. The companies have asked a court to limit their liability for the incident.

Authorities in the state of Maryland estimate it will cost up to $1.9bn (£1.5bn) and take more than four years to rebuild the bridge.

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