“Isn’t It Morning Yet”: Andhra Minister’s Wife To Cop For Making Her Wait

Haritha Reddy, wife of Andhra Transport Minister, scolding a policeman.


Sitting in her car, Haritha Reddy, wife of Andhra Minister Mandipalli Ramprasad Reddy, excoriated a uniformed policeman for making her wait. The policeman, Ramesh, stood attentively and saluted her at the end of his ordeal, showed a video.

The incident took place at Rayachoti, Annamayya district in erstwhile Kadapa, when she was on her way to a function for distribution of enhanced pensions to beneficiaries.

“Why are you late and isn’t it morning yet for you. You don’t have a uniform? I had to wait half an hour for you. Even SI is busy with a video conference? Who pays your salary? Government or YSRCP,” asked Ms Reddy, wife of the Andhra Transport Minister.

The assembled crowd watched in silence as the Sub Inspector was being lectured.

At the end of it, he saluted the Minister’s wife and went about his work even as the minister’s wife directed him to lead the convoy.

Critics pointed out that a Minister’s wife, unlike a Minister, is not entitled to get a police escort or some protocol.

There has been no reaction yet from the government. 

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