Play Services beta hints at offline tracking for Google Find My

Google’s Find My might be ready for prime time. According to AssembleDebug on X, via AndroidPolice, Google has started rolling out the Find My Network with Google Play Service beta version 24.12.14.

The feature would essentially allow users to locate Android devices even when they’re switched off.

“To help locate this device and your Fast Pair accessories when offline, Find My Device can use encrypted info sent by this Android device and others in the Find My Device network. When your Android device participates in the network, it securely sends location info of devices it detects nearby to help their owners find them,” reads the feature’s description.

Mishaal Rahman also confirmed that the feature is starting to roll out in the latest Play Services beta, though users have not been sent notifications to opt into the Find My network, which might suggest that the feature isn’t completely operational yet.

While the feature is inching closer to becoming reality, it is likely that it will only be fully operational once Android 15 releases, which will happen sometime later this year.

Source: AssembleDebug, Via: AndroidPolice

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