The 1 Thing We Get Wrong When Making Iced Coffee At Home

Warmer days are nearing and for me, at least, this can only mean one thing: time for my daily iced coffee fix.

However, we’re in a cost of living crisis and as much as I would LOVE to treat myself to one every single day from my local coffee shop, I do have to *attempt* to be sensible at the moment.

This seemed simple enough. Add coffee, add ice, add milk, and yes, of course, a hint of syrup. It just didn’t taste like I expected it would. I wanted that delicious hit, that sweet slurp of caffeine to get my veins pumping but instead I just felt a bit more buzzed and my coffee was, well, watery.

It turns out that there is a right way to make iced coffee and according to the coffee masters at Matthew Algie, I’d actually missed a good few steps.

The best way to make iced coffee at home

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Frank Ubsdell, National Training & Innovation Manager, and Gosia Lendzioszek, Account Development Manager at Matthew Algie shared their tips for making a successful iced coffee at home.

The experts said that the order you add your ingredients in can make or break your drink.

“If you’re looking for that layered effect, you may want to add espresso last. However, while this can look beautiful, it might not mix well and become milky at the bottom but very strong at the first sip.”

Additionally, they said that hot espresso onto ice is a “common mistake” and yes, you guessed it, that was mine. They recommend making an espresso first and then making everything else, allowing it to cool. Add it after milk and ice so that it isn’t directly interacting with the ice and instead rests on top of your chosen milk.

They also warned against batch-making jugs of coffee the night before drinking it saying: “Many people batch make a jug of coffee the day before and let it cool in their fridge. This isn’t a good idea, as coffee is a product that is enjoyed best when freshly brewed.”

Finally, they crushed (get it?) my dreams when they said: “although crushed ice looks good, you should always opt for cubed ice as crushed dilutes the drink faster.”

That makes sense but what about the AESTHETIC?!

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