Pro-Hamas mob tries but fails to stop Trudeau fundraiser in Toronto

Blatant anti-Semitism on display as pro-Hamas mob tries to shut down Trudeau fundraiser in Toronto.

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They came with their flags, their placards, their keffiyehs and their chants of there being “only one solution” for Israel.

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The mob that shut down Justin Trudeau’s reception with the Italian prime minister two weeks ago tried to also shut down his party fundraiser on Friday night.

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But this time Toronto Police showed up and did their job. Or, perhaps more correctly, they were allowed to do their job.

There were barricades in the streets stopping protesters from blocking the entrances to the King Edward Hotel on King St. E. – east of Yonge St. – where Trudeau was hosting his event. Police had proper control of the side streets and side entrances of the hotel, something sorely missing two weeks ago when police obviously failed to plan for a demonstration at the Art Gallery of Ontario that they should have known about.

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A more cynical person might say the police were ensuring Trudeau could go ahead with collecting money from donors. The event billed at $1,725 per person to hear the PM speak about issues like the affordability crisis according to Liberal Party promotional material.

Regardless of the reason for the event, the Prime Minister, and even average citizens, should be able to go about their daily lives without having it shut down by the mob.

“We will not allow the Canadian government to proceed with business as usual and we will amplify our demands,” the Palestinian Youth Movement wrote in a social media post.

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That post included a call to shut down Trudeau’s fundraiser for Palestine – something they weren’t able to do this time. Not that they didn’t try, and not that they didn’t show up to chant the most despicable things.

“There is only one solution,” a slight young woman chanted into a microphone.

After the audience repeated the chant, she followed up with the second half of it.

“Intifada revolution,” she called out for the audience to repeat.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

Only one solution sounds a little ominous to Jewish ears, like a hint of the Holocaust, but that is the point. The intifada revolution, that’s a call for a never-ending war against Israel and the Jewish people until they are no more, or at least subservient in the Middle East.

Just like there is no way to explain away the real meaning of the genocidal chant “from the river to the sea,” there is no way to explain away what these other chants mean.

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The protesters had words for Prime Minister Trudeau as well, calling him Genocide Justin and claiming he has blood on his hands.

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I will say as a staunch critic of Trudeau that these claims have no merit and never did, but especially not after the past several weeks. Trudeau has called for a ceasefire, he has restored funding to UNRWA, he has blocked military sales to Israel and the mob outside the King Eddy hotel still wasn’t satisfied.

The Trudeau government has been slowly but surely abandoning Israel, Canada’s long-standing ally, and moving towards the Hamas side of the equation. It still isn’t enough for this mob who will never be happy, never be satisfied until they hear Trudeau or a future Canadian leader also chanting “from the river to the sea” or another genocidal chant against Israel.

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The protesters actually stood outside the hotel and chanted, “Justin Trudeau what do you say? How many kids have you killed today?”

The answer is obviously none, but this movement is so blinded by their hatred of Israel, and Jews, that they will make false claims against someone who is mostly on their side but also speaks up against hatred and anti-Semitism.

“We are the intifada,” they chanted as the sun set.

It’s a lovely thought that people who support the intifada, the random killing of people just because they are Jewish, are currently roaming our streets. Not only that, but they are also proudly proclaiming their views in the open.

Canada has changed these last several years – and not for the better.

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