Elvish Yadav And Mahira Sharma’s Music Video Rao Sahab Rollin’ Features Cameo By Maxtern – News18

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: March 16, 2024, 09:51 IST

Mahira Sharma plays the role of a cop in the video. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Mahira Sharma plays the role of a cop in the video. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The music video features Elvish Yadav and Mahira Sharma, along with a surprise appearance by YouTube sensation Sagar Thakur, also known as Maxtern.

Elvish Yadav’s latest music video, Rao Sahab Rollin’ has caught the attention of many, with viewers eagerly hitting the replay button. Released just hours ago, this musical extravaganza stars the dynamic duo of Elvish Yadav and Mahira Sharma, with a surprising appearance by YouTube sensation, Sagar Thakur, popularly known as Maxtern. This collaboration comes hot on the heels of recent headlines surrounding a supposed altercation between Elvish Yadav and Maxtern, which had the internet buzzing with speculation.

Elvish shared the video of the song on his Instagram handle with the caption, “Rao Sahab has arrived in your city, make some noise! Rao Sahab Rollin’ Out Now exclusively on Play DMF Haryanvi YouTube Channel.”

The music video kicks off with Elvish’s character making a dramatic entrance at the police station, surrounded by his loyal gang. Shortly after, viewers are introduced to Mahira Sharma, who captivates the screen as a fierce and alluring cop. Elvish employs his charm and wit to persuade Mahira to release one of his associates from her custody. Later, a scene unfolds where Elvish confronts a boy for teasing a girl, leading to a surprising moment where Sagar Thakur, known as Maxtern, receives a slap. However, the surprises continue as Maxtern makes significant solo appearances throughout the video.

Meanwhile, Maxtern also shared the video on his social media platform. In the caption, he wrote, “Leaving everything behind, we’re also Rollin with Rao Sahab.”

This collaboration has sparked debate online about whether his appearance was planned or a result of their recent fight. Fans also inundated the comment section with praise for the undeniable chemistry between Elvish and Mahira. Among the comments, one user speculated, “Elvish and Maxtern’s publicity stunt,” while another commented, “Looks like everything was scripted.” A fan simply wrote, “Elvish and Mahira Sharma rocking their chemistry.”

Rao Sahab Rollin’ features vocals by SDEE and Vkey, with direction by Anishh 2.0. Lovekesh Kataria and Raghav Sharma serve as co-producers, while Anshul Garg and Elvish Yadav take on the roles of producers. The song is sure to become a chart-topper with its catchy tune, gripping storyline, and star-studded cast.

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