CNN’s Toobin: Good Day for Trump, Fani Willis’ Case ‘Is Going Nowhere’

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Toobin said Friday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that today was a good day for former President Donald Trump because Judge Scott McAfee rebuked Fulton County, GA District Attorney Fani Willis.

Cooper said, “Jeff, I mean, the judge’s opinion was a scathing rebuke of of Willis and her judgment. He wrote that the reasonable questions remain about whether Willis and Wade testified untruthfully about the timing of their relationship. I mean.”

Toobin said, “Today was a very good day for Donald Trump. This case is going nowhere.”

He continued, “Even if in the extremely unlikely event that this somehow staggers to trial in August or in the fall. Think about this. There’s another racketeering case in Georgia where jury selection, not the trial jury it’s selection has taken a year. This case is never going to trial before the election.”

Toobin added, “This case is never going to trial before the election. It’s an embarrassment. All of this. Fani Willis has hung on, but this case going nowhere very quickly.”

Former DeKalb County, GA District Attorney Gwen Keyes said, “I disagree with Mr. Toobin. I do think that there is enough evidence to go forward. I think that particularly the timing in this case.”

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