5 Low-Sugar Mocktails For Weekend That Dont Compromise On Taste

Trying to lose weight by ditching alcohol? Then you have landed on the right page! As per several studies, severe alcohol consumption leads to weight gain. While it is a common notion that no party is ever complete without alcohol, we have come up with some easy-to-make mocktails (drinks without alcohol) that aren’t just tasty but would also leave you guilt-free for indulging in them. Several market-sold mocktail syrups are loaded with sugar making you susceptible to weight gain. However, if you are someone who is looking for easy-to-make low-sugar mocktails at home, for your friends or just for pure indulgence, then fret not! Read on to learn more about these wholesome drinks that don’t compromise on taste!

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Citrus sparkler is super delicious and refreshing.

Citrus sparkler is super delicious and refreshing.
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Here Are 5 Low Sugar Mocktails Perfect For Your Weekends

1. Citrus Sparkler

Packed with citrusy goodness, Citrus Sparkler is a refreshing mocktail that is made with freshly squeezed orange juice, sparkling water, and a dash of lime juice. This mocktail is perfect if you want to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. Because it contains natural fruit juices for sweetness, this mocktail does not require additional sugar or syrups to increase its taste. With its tangy flavour and bubbly effervescence, the citrus sparkler is perfect for guilt-free enjoyment!

2. Berry Bliss

A luscious mocktail packed with the natural sweetness of mixed berries, Berry Bliss can be made easily at home! Just add muddled berries, lime juice and club soda in a bowl and mix. This refreshing concoction is guilt-free and full of flavours, thanks to the presence of natural sweetness from the berries. If you use fresh, muddled berries instead of sugary syrups or juices, Berry Bliss can offer a great low-sugar alternative that isn’t just tasty but also packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

3. Cucumber Cooler

As the name suggests, the Cucumber cooler is not just refreshing but also a “very cool” mocktail. This refreshing mocktail combines crisp cucumber slices, mint leaves and a splash of lime juice for a burst of freshness. This is a low-sugar mocktail and only has the natural sweetness of crisp cucumber, making it a perfect beverage if you trying to prevent weight gain. In a bowl, muddle fresh cucumber slices, mint leaves, lime juice, coconut water and a dash of sparkling water. Add a handful of ice cubes to the concoction and serve chilled in glasses!

Cucumber cooler is easy to make and so refreshing.

Cucumber cooler is easy to make and so refreshing.
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4. Ginger Spice Spritz

Packed with the zesty flavour of ginger, Ginger Spice Spritz has an amazing flavour profile that makes it perfect for any occasion. To make this concoction, take fresh ginger slices, lemon juice, sparkling water, a dash of cinnamon and some freshly squeezed apple juice. This mocktail is the perfect low-sugar mocktail as it has natural flavours and spices, reducing the need for added sugars and syrups. It has a bold taste and minimal sweetness, making it perfect for guilt-free indulgence. 

5. Tropical Paradise Punch

A delightful mocktail packed with a variety of flavours, Tropical Paradise Punch is a delightfully refreshing mocktail that transports you to a sunny oasis with every sip. This mocktail is made with pineapple juice and coconut water, freshly squeezed cranberry juice and a splash of lime. Tropical Paradise Punch offers a low-sugar option since its ingredients offer a natural sweetness to the mocktail. With its refreshing taste and minimal sugar content, Tropical Paradise Punch offers a guilt-free escape for those looking for healthier indulgence. 

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