Shadow of the Erdtree Remembrance Duplication: How to duplicate Remembrances in the Elden Ring DLC

In the base game of Elden Ring, you were able to visit the Wandering Mausoleums to make additional Remembrances of the great bosses you defeated. Now in Shadow of the Erdtree, remembrance duplication is back. This time, it’s in another form, so we’ll show you how to do it.

Remembrance duplication in Shadow of the Erdtree

To use Remembrance duplication in Shadow of the Erdtree, you have to visit one of the three coffins in the Shadow Realm area. Typically, they are all near Finger Ruins. Here is how you can locate each one.

Cathedral of Manus Metyr

This is the first place you’ll discover one of the coffins. As you make your way here from Bonny Village. Before you even start Ymir’s quest line, make sure to obtain the Site of Grace for this area. Next, go behind the building towards the southwest part of the water. You may be attacked by Marionette Soldiers, so just clear them out.

Here, you’ll find the coffin with a figure sticking its arms upward. You can interact with it to get one copy of an already obtained Remembrance.

Finger Ruins of Rhia

This place will most likely be discovered as you progress through Count Ymir’s quest line. If you have found the Cerulean Coast Cross Site of Grace, travel along the coast going east until you can climb into the ruins area. As you make your way along, the closest Site of Grace will be named Finger Ruins of Rhia.

From here, hug the right cliffside and take the uppermost path. You’ll encounter several Fingercreepers along the way. Eventually, you’ll find the coffin you’re looking for.

Finger Ruins of Dheo

This is the last place that Ymir will need you to visit during his quest line. You’ll be able to access this place once you find the Shadow Keep, Back Gate Site of Grace. Instead of going forward to fight one of the hardest bosses in the game, go right instead. Here, you’ll find a statue and a message left by the game.

It reads, “Have mercy. For the spirited-away shamans.” Simply perform the O Mother gesture at the statue so that you’ll unveil the hidden path. You’ll enter the Scaduview area. Just follow the road, past the two Tree Sentinels. 

The closest Site of Grace will be the Fingerstone Hill one. Use it as a checkpoint since you may be ambushed by even more Fingercreepers than you did at the Finger Ruins of Rhia.

Note that you can only use this duplication method for a total of three times. This is in addition to the Wandering Mausoleums from the base game. So, if you want to get more remembrances for the major bosses you killed, you’ll have to go into the next New Game Plus level on your current character. 

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