MultiVersus charges £8 to buy extra lives in single-player mode

Maybe Batman can cover some of the costs? (Warner Bros. Games)

MultiVersus is being called out by upset fans for its abundance of microtransactions, with paying for additional lives being the last straw.

Although MultiVersus is a fun fighting game, with a wide range of characters from Batman to Bugs Bunny, as a free-to-play live service title it naturally comes with some caveats.

MultiVersus is stacked full of microtransactions, which have been criticised by fans even before it came out last week, but now one particular paid-for perk has fans seeing red.

For $10 (£8) you can pay to refill you lives in the game’s campaign mode and thousands of fans have taken to social media to complain about the unusual charge, with some claiming they’ve immediately uninstalled it.

A Reddit post that highlights the microtransaction, saying, ‘Welcome to the future of gaming,’ has been upvoted 7,500 times and sees hundreds of fans blasting the purchasable perk in the comment section.

The post comes with an image that shows how you can buy one life back for 49 Gleamium (one of several in-game currencies), or refill all lives for 1,004 Gleamium.

The Gleamium currency can be purchased with real money via four different offers: 450 Gleamium for $4.99 (£4), 1,000 for $9.99 (£8), 2,200 for $19.99 (£16), and 6,000 for $49.99 (£40).

The original poster goes on to say, ‘100%, vote with your wallet and time. I played this for a bit and enjoyed it until the ugly monetisation and grinding revealed itself. I have since uninstalled it.’

‘I can’t see this game surviving very long doing this,’ says Red Zone Runner.

‘Welcome to the future of another dead live service game before the year is over,’ adds The Hypnobrent.

Publisher Warner Bros., like many others in recent years, has a track record of releasing games with an abundance of microtransactions in them, such as Mortal Kombat 1 and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, so it’s not a surprise that MultiVersus have them as well.

MultiVersus has a lot of purchasable skins and perks, as was reported a year ago, during the game’s closed beta, and many have been bracing themselves for the fact that the full release would have even more.

Pay to stay alive in MultiVersus (Reddit)

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