Kingdom: Two Crowns gets brand new DLC with Call of Olympus

  • Kingdom: Two Crowns is getting a brand-new DLC after a brief drought
  • Call of Olympus takes you to Greek-inspired islands
  • Complete quests to earn the favour of the gods, find new upgrades and a new mount!

After a long while of relative dormancy, side-scrolling minimalist RTS Kingdom: Two Crowns is getting a brand new DLC that takes you to a brand new land. Call of Olympus will transport you from the Norse and Feudal Japan-inspired lands that have been added so far, and instead take you to the sunny shores of mountainous Greek-inspired islands.

Kingdom: Two Crowns is a minimalist RTS where your only controls are the spending of your precious cash. Elevate vagrants to peasants, cultivate your own kingdom and build walls and other defences to fight off the maniacal Greed that threatens to take your crown and your kingdom.

Call of Olympus will take you to whole new islands, with more upgrades to find for your troops, a new mount in the form of a pegasus and a whole new look for all of your islands, buildings and subjects. Coming later this year it promises to revamp the simple but engaging premise of Kingdom: Two Crowns by putting you at the mercy of the gods, completing quests for powerful reward to fend off the ever-looming threat of the Greed.

Then along came Zeus


While the Kingdom games do have their issues, it’s undeniable that they’re quite fun at their core. So we’re excited to see Kingdom: Two Crowns getting new content after a bit of drought (The Norse Lands DLC having released back in 2021). We’re particularly excited to see what’s added gameplay-wise, but even just seeing a fresh take on the aesthetic makes this potentially worth a buy.

We don’t have a solid release date yet, but the DLC is slated to release this year. So here’s hoping for a summer-autumn release!

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