How to get the Fire Knight’s Greatsword in Elden Ring

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree adds a wide variety of new weapons to tackle the DLC. Colossal Greatswords are one of the weapon classes that has seen impressive additions to its roster. One of which, the Fire Knight’s Greatsword, has a fast light attack combo which players of Dark Souls 3 might be familiar with. With impressive reach and scaling, the Fire Knight’s Greatsword is an excellent primary weapon for Strength/Faith builds. Here’s how to get the Fire Knight’s Greatsword in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

Where to find the Fire Knight’s Greatsword in Elden Ring

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Fire Knight’s Greatsword drops from Fire Knights. These enemies are primarily found in the Shadow Keep region. Here’s the most efficient way to farm Fire Knights:

  1. Begin at the Storehouse, First Floor Site of Grace.
  2. Turn around and take the lift down. There is a Fire Knight that patrols the path ahead. Save yourself some time by sending the lift back up to the Site of Grace.
  3. After slaying the Fire Knight, simply fast-travel back to the Storehouse, First Floor Site of Grace, and repeat the process.

How to use the Fire Knight’s Greatsword in Elden Ring

The Fire Knight’s Greatsword comes with the Stamp skill but is commonly replaced with other fire-based Ash of War abilities. Some of the most popular are Flame Skewer and Flame Spear. After using either of these Ash of War abilities, the weapon will be engulfed in flames and deal additional fire damage. 

While the Fire Knight’s Greatsword has D scaling in Strength, Dexterity, and Faith, it’s recommended to only have the required Dexterity to use the weapon (18) and then focus on Strength and Faith to scale the Physical and Fire damage, respectively. Investing in Faith means you can utilize the Golden Vow and Flame, Grant Me Strength incantations to boost the offensive capabilities of the weapon. 

Here are the stats and requirements of the Fire Knight’s Greatsword: 

Fire Knight’s Greatsword

  • Colossal Greatsword (Class)
  • Standard/Pierce damage
  • Skill: Stamp (Upward Cut)
  • FP Cost: 5
  • Weight: 16.0
  • Attack Power:
    • Physical – 147
    • Fire – 44
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • Strength – D
    • Dexterity – D
    • Faith – D
  • Attributes Required:
    • Strength – 22
    • Dexterity – 18
    • Faith – 12

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