How to get the Facet of Mending in Destiny 2

The Facet of Mending is one of the many Prismatic Fragments you’ll collect in Destiny 2: The Final Shape‘s new location, The Pale Heart, and beyond. However, it’s not one you’ll find easily because it’s locked behind a pretty confusing puzzle you won’t even know you’re trying to solve.

To unlock the Facet of Mending in Destiny 2, you’ve got to locate four dead Ghosts around The Pale Heart. Not only that, you’ll need to complete a short combat encounter that’s a decent challenge in itself, but all the pieces of this don’t quite fit together unless you have some direction as to where to go. The reward is well worth your time because you’ll be progressing your account and unlocking a powerful new ability for your Prismatic Subclass.

How to get the Facet of Mending in Destiny 2

Below, I’ve outlined exactly how to get the Facet of Mending in Destiny 2 in easy-to-follow steps. Take your time with this one because it is quite confusing. It took me ages just to find the right starting location, so clear 30 minutes or so of your day if you want to get this for your account.

Step 1: Find The Lost City Outskirts

way to lost city outskirts destiny 2
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You may already know your way to The Lost City Outskirts, but I didn’t when I was getting the Facet of Mending. To get there, you need to spawn into The Pale Heart at The Lost City, the main hub with everyone you know and love. Well, most of the people you know and love.

drop down in the lost city destiny 2
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From here, you must head out of the area the way you entered it in Transmigration. The first mission in The Final Shape‘s campaign. Look for the two Cabal standing on either side of a staircase. Head down there until you’re in the room that resembles the Vanguard office from The Tower. This is the room where you speak to Micha-10 for their missions. On the right-hand side of this room is a small opening you can drop down into.

Go inside this little tunnel and continue to follow the route all the way until you see The Lost City Outskirts location name pop up on your screen. At that point, you can start looking around for dead Ghosts.

Step 2: Find dead Ghost #1

ghost 1 facet of mending destiny 2
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The first dead ghost is atop a pink sign as you leave the first major area in The Lost City Outskirts. Look for the trellis-like material above you and stop as soon as you spot it. The sign is pretty obvious, and there’s a vent next to it for you to stand on to grab the dead Ghost from.

Step 3: Find dead Ghost #2

orange staircase in the lost city outskirts destiny 2
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The second dead Ghost is in an exterior section of The Lost City Outskirts. At the point where you need to jump across suspended platforms, look to the right as soon as you’re on the first one. You’ll see an orange staircase with some boxes under it.

dead ghost 2 the lost city outskirts destiny 2
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Jump over to this orange staircase. The dead Ghost is on the blue box on the opposite side of it. Tucked away, so you’d never know it was there unless you investigate it.

Step 4: Find dead Ghost #3

pink sky the lost city outskirts destiny 2
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To find the third dead Ghost, keep moving through The Lost City Outskirts until you look up and see the huge pink portal in the sky. Now stop, turn around, and look at the doorway you’ve just come through.

third dead ghost in destiny 2 facet of mending
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At the top of the doorway will be a grate. The dead Ghost is on that grate right at the top. You’ll need to jump up and find the dead Ghost on it.

Step 5: Find dead Ghost #4

dead ghost 4 destiny 2 facet of mending
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The fourth dead Ghost is out in this final exterior area. Keep moving along until you see a giant metal contraption with orange and yellow panels. There are a few enemies around here, but once you’ve cleared them out, you can grab the dead Ghost from the part just next to the central ring.

Step 6: Find the Ghosts and defend them

floating ghosts destiny 2
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Once you’ve collected every dead Ghost, you should see a few new icons when aiming down sights. Follow them, and you’ll emerge in an open area with a huge Ghost melded with the land. Kill all the enemies here and then head over to the Ghosts.

cleanse area for ghosts destiny 2
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You’ve got to stand in the circle between these Ghosts and cleanse the area while defending it from waves of enemies. After the circle has been cleansed, a mini-boss will show up.

Step 7: Defeat the Enlightened Harbinger

enlightened harbinger destiny 2
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The mini-boss here is an Enlightened Harbinger. It has three chunks of health, and after you work it down to the end of one, it’ll gain a shield. You’ve got to kill every other enemy in the area to bring down that shield and deal damage to the mini-boss again.

This enemy is incredibly tough, but you can respawn after death, so it’s more a war of attrition. Don’t forget to use your Transcendant form to take out Bound enemies and deal additional damage. This should be a showcase of your Prismatic Subclass, so make the most of it.

overgrown prismatic key destiny 2
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With the Enlightened Harbinger down, you’ll get the Overgrown Prismatic Key from its corpse. Now you can open the chest and claim the Facet of Mending. By equipping this on your Prismatic Subclass, you’ll gain the ability to get your Prismatic grenades to cure you. Doing this while Transcendant increases the effect.

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