Concord devs defend PSN requirement after Helldivers 2 backlash:


Sony is rapidly expanding its offerings on PC, and part of that push is an effort to get more players signed up for PlayStation Network. Helldivers 2 walked back its post-launch plans for a PSN requirement, but Concord – the upcoming 5v5 FPS from a team of Destiny veterans – aims to make PC players sign up with PSN from the start.

According to the devs, Concord’s PSN requirement on PC is how features like cross-play and cross-progression can be implemented. “The goal is for players to come together,” lead character designer Jon Weisnewski tells Eurogamer. “And so for us to have PC players and PlayStation 5 players together, for that cross-play and cross-progression to work, that’s a layer that needs to be there – just on a technical level. So the goal is we want to get players together, to have fun and play together, this is part of that experience.”

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