All Yak T’el Aether Current locations in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

The third available area in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail, Yak T’el, is perhaps the most visually stunning yet, split in half between the above ground dense jungle and dark gloom of the mystical darkness below. 

After you’ve unlocked flight in both Urqopacha and Kozama’uka, you’ll find yourself in Yak T’el. With that gigantic cliff tempting you over the edge and into the darkness below, it’s understandable that you’d want to fly. However, before you can do that, you’re going to need to collect all of the Aether Currentlocations in Yak T’el. 

There are 15 to collect in total – 10 which can be found using your Aether Compass, four from side quests that unlock after a certain MSQ quest, and one from the MSQ itself. Don’t worry; I can help you get your wings. 

Yak T’el Aether Current Locations in the Field

To begin with, you’ll only be able to access Aether Currents on the northern half of the Yak T’el map. In light of this, I’ll split the field currents into two sections, with the southern ones becoming available as you progress with the MSQ. 


  • (X:19.1, Y:10.9, Z: 3.0)
  • (X:10.4, Y:18.7, Z:2.9)
  • (X:33.6, Y:26.1, Z:3.1)
  • (X:29.8, Y:10.5, Z:3.1)
  • (X:17.7, Y:6.4, Z:3.2)


  • (X:22.2, Y:21.4, Z:1.4)
  • (X:25.6, Y:24.7, Z:1.0)
  • (X:19.1, Y:33.9, Z:0.8)
  • (X:7.9, Y:26.1, Z:1.3)
  • (X:36.4, Y:35.7, Z:1.2)

Yak T’el Aether Current Quests

A quest which rewards an Aether Current in Final Fantasy XIV
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Side quests

There are four side quests to find, which become available in pairs after completing certain MSQ quests:

Quest NPC/Location Requirements
Aiming High Ty’at Roh
Iq Br’aax
(X:13.2, Y:14.5)
Complete the level 94 MSQ quest ‘Taking a Stand’
Secrets in the Cinderfield Young Xbr’aal
Iq Br’aax
(X:22.2, Y:3.0)
Complete the level 94 MSQ quest ‘Taking a Stand’
Beast of the Heartlands Prudent Hunter
Sapsweet Cenote
(X:33.2, Y:32.9)
Complete the level 95 MSQ quest ‘The Feat of Brotherhood’
Lost and Powerles Shiidil Ja
Sapsweet Cenote
(X:32.6, Y:30.9)
Complete the level 95 MSQ quest ‘The Feat of Brotherhood’

MSQ quests

The final Aether Current you’ll need to unlock comes as part of the MSQ. To unlock this final Aether Current and take off from the ground, you’ll need to complete the level 95 MSQ quest ‘Road to the Golden City’.

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