What Is Feeld? Learn About the Inclusive Dating App

No matter who you are, creating a dating app profile is an exercise in vulnerability: You must identify yourself, along with what you’re seeking, and rest on the hope that there are people out there who like the same things you do. But many apps (yes, even some of the best dating apps out there) are too rigid when it comes to gender and sexual orientation, leaving many queer or gender nonconforming singles feeling excluded. Enter: the Feeld app.

A play on “field” and “feelings,” Feeld was built on the notion that there’s nothing less predictable or less binary than human desire. What started as a safe space to find a threesome has since become a safe space for anyone — no matter how you identify — to find whatever it is they’re looking for. But what is Feeld, exactly? Though you’ve likely heard chatter about it already, read what Feeld is all about, below.

1. Greater Gender Options

Whether you use he, she, they, X, or other pronouns — or are still exploring — Feeld offers a place for all human beings to find what their hearts want by offering more than 20 gender identities, 20 sexualities, and shared profiles for polyamorous couples. The company also expresses a commitment to adding new gender identities swiftly and welcomes write-ins for more.

2. A Conversation Safe Zone

“It’s about creating a safe space,” Cathy Keen, community and events manager at Feeld, tells PS. The company’s mission is to “normalize conversations around sexuality,” and part of doing so means allowing people to be as forthcoming as they’d like. Keen adds, “It’s just as safe for someone who is interested in learning new information as it is for someone who’s established in exactly who they are and what they want.”

Whether you’re a couple looking for a third, a single looking for a couple, or someone curious about exploring their sexuality, you can dip a toe in and simply have conversations with other open-minded people in a safe space. A profile can be as brief as, “I’m interested in learning more,” and conversations unfold from there.

3. The Feeld Community

Feeld also has robust community monitoring efforts, and the safety guidelines go beyond a standard agreement. The company offers gentle but clear reminders on the website like, “In this space, we approach each other with openness, curiosity, tolerance, and respect—regardless of differences.”

The guidelines also make it clear that no one owes anyone anything with a healthy breakdown on consent including, “Both online and offline, active consent is a cornerstone of Feeld. Consent is an unambiguous ‘yes’: freely given, without coercion, without manipulation, not in a state of incapacitation.”

4. A Feeld User’s Experience

These efforts resonate with the active user base, which is growing daily. Gender nonconforming model Rain Dove previously spoke to PS about Feeld being their preferred dating app. “I grew up in an era where there wasn’t a language for my identity, and like many ’90s kids, I took to the internet to find answers,” Dove said. “I’d go on sites like Plenty of Fish and ask people if I might be gay.”

Dove called Feeld “ideal” because it’s not a hookup app exclusively, although they clarified there isn’t anything wrong with those apps, either. Dove added, “But it offers what I was looking for years ago on Plenty of Fish, which is the opportunity to find other people who have these vulnerable and marginalized identities, and become part of a community.”

5. It Works For the Basics, Too

Feeld isn’t in the business of discriminating against anyone, even those who might be looking for something a little more traditional. I joined to see if there was anyone for me, simply stating that I “enjoy dating and am ever-curious about people,” and right away, three matches who were just my type popped up.

One match immediately messaged me to politely ask about my interests. The other two messaged me within 24 hours and also wanted to hear about my thoughts and feelings. To a tried-and-true Tinderella who was getting pretty tired of “Hey cutie,” this felt groundbreaking.

So whether you’re a cisgender hetero like me, gender nonconforming, someone else altogether, or maybe you’re not sure yet, there’s a place where you can feel free to form connections however you see fit.

Lisa Holden is a dating enthusiast who writes about love, dating, and navigating romance in today’s modern world. A specialist in dating experiments, she’s your single and fabulous hype girl who wants you to go out and have as much fun as possible.

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