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Looks like Olivia Rodrigo‘s management team has officially resorted to Plan B (and no, not that kind). Mere days after announcing her partnership with the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), Rodrigo’s efforts to help distribute free contraception to concertgoers have reportedly been squashed. Now – instead of providing actionable resources for reproductive and sexual health (including emergency contraception, lubricant, and condoms) – members of the NNAF tell Jezebel they’ve been restricted to beanies, stickers, and buttons. Bad idea, right?

Rodrigo initially drew attention after concertgoers began touting free emergency contraception pills at her “Guts” World Tour. The move was part of her Fund 4 Good campaign to support reproductive healthcare, with resources provided by various mutual aid groups and local abortion funds. The decision to pass out emergency contraception predictably sparked controversy, with Missouri Senator Bill Eigel writing that he was “horrified” as “the father of a daughter” himself. Unfortunately, it seems Rodrigo’s team was spooked by all the noise.

Three sources from local abortion funds told Variety that Rodrigo’s management team ultimately decided to stop handing out free reproductive health resources because “children are present at the concerts” – an announcement they made over Slack message. Eigel had previously raised a similar point, although we didn’t expect Rodrigo’s team to take advice from people who still think Plan B is an abortifacient. Furthermore, as stated by the World Health Organization, for those who wish to take emergency contraception, there are no restrictions for medical eligibility (which makes the main barrier the price tag).

Controversy is inevitable, but in a post-Roe v. Wade world, access to resources like condoms and emergency contraception can help reduce unwanted pregnancies, which is something we should all be able to get behind. Rodrigo is still making big moves for reproductive healthcare, but her management could’ve helped her provide even more tangible resources to thousands of people who need them . . . if they only had the guts to see it through.

Rodrigo’s reps did not immediately respond to PS’s request for comment.

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