Here’s How to Avoid Hating Your Wedding Photos

The discussions left some people wondering: How can you make sure you love your wedding photos?

We interviewed several photographers who shared advice on what to do if you have concerns about your photos and how to hire the right photographer for your taste and style.

“The secret to great wedding photography is the same as the secret to great marriages, which is: Communicate, and over-communicate, and then communicate again, just to be sure,” said Kayla Lang, a photographer and videographer in West Lafayette, Ind., who runs the Lang Co. with her husband, Mike Lang.

In a phone interview, Ms. Lang said there are variables a photographer can’t control, like the weather conditions, but often, an editing concern — like if the groomsmen wore navy blue, but their suits look black in the photos — can be addressed if the client raises it as soon as possible.

Ms. Lang and several other photographers recommended that clients view a photographer’s work from various lighting, venues and weather conditions before booking. Look at examples of their work featuring people with varying skin tones and body types. Go beyond the sampling on their Instagram pages, and review multiple full wedding galleries, if possible. (Ms. Lang, who has posted tips for couples on TikTok, said her photo edits try to match the energy of the day, rather than a particular style.)

Consider doing an engagement photo shoot as a trial run. Read reviews, offerings and contracts carefully. Use referrals from friends and family. Above all, many photographers said, have an open, ideally face-to-face conversation at the beginning of the process.

Kesha Lambert, a photographer based in New Rochelle, N.Y., said that in this early conversation, you want to get a sense of the photographer as a person. Consider whether you want that person embedded in the intimate spaces and family dynamics of your wedding day.

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