‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Billboard Vandalized As Homage To Larry David

Once again, life has imitated art. A billboard in Los Angeles has been vandalized in an homage to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The billboard, located at Centinela Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd., depicts an advertisement for Susie Essman‘s Caftan. On the show, the Susie character started her own business and used a billboard to advertise it. But the poster on the board was vandalized, with people drawing penises around her face. Naturally, Larry David was delighted.

HBO commissioned an exact replica of the TV billboard, and when it went up a week ago, it was also defaced in a manner similar to the TV show.

TMZ reports the vandals are an activist art collective called INDECLINE.

They acted on the request of Curb Your Enthusiasm star Jeff Garlin, who wrote on Instagram, “Someone should put a d*** up there. Maybe two.”

After the vandalism, Garlin posted, “Whomever did this, I give you my deepest gratitude. A big bowl of love.”

The collective tells TMZ they feel they were paying homage to Larry David by carrying out this stunt.

“A few nights ago, we watched in awe as one of our favorite pastimes, ‘billboard liberation, was incorporated into the latest episode. We received a flood of texts and DMs about the existence of the billboard in Los Angeles and even saw that Jeff Garland (sic) was on Instagram calling for it to be altered.

“So, as a thank you to Larry David, for his contribution to the field of art imitating life, we give you our contribution to the practice of life imitating art.”

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