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Feedly is a business tool designed to help business managers stay ahead of the curve by tracking the topics and trends that are relevant to their industry. This tool offers a range of features that can benefit businesses, such as Threat Intelligence, Market Intelligence, and News Reader options.

For business managers looking to monitor emerging threats, Feedly’s Threat Intelligence feature allows users to collect, analyze, and share actionable threat intelligence faster using AI. This can help businesses stay informed about critical vulnerabilities, threat actor behavior, and malware families to enhance their security measures.

Additionally, the Market Intelligence feature provides a full view of market trends and competitive landscapes. By leveraging real-time competitive intelligence, businesses can make informed decisions regarding their products and sales strategies. The Tech Innovation aspect of Feedly also allows managers to stay current on industry trends and tech innovations that may impact their organization’s future.

Overall, Feedly can save businesses time by synthesizing articles into custom reports and actionable outputs with AI Actions. It also allows for the sharing of insights across different security stacks and ecosystems with no-code integrations and APIs. With trusted clients such as Canada Media Fund, Lufthansa, and Airbus, Feedly has proven to be a reliable tool for gathering market intelligence efficiently.

Ultimately, Feedly can be a valuable asset for business managers looking to enhance their market research, stay informed about emerging threats, and streamline their workflow by saving time on intelligence gathering and analysis. Explore Feedly today to discover how it can benefit your business operations.

Feedly – Features

  • Stay ahead of the curve by tracking topics and trends that matter
  • Threat Intelligence: Collect, analyze, and share actionable threat intelligence faster
  • Market Intelligence: Gain a full view of competition and industry trends
  • News Reader for individual readers to control their news feed
  • AI Feeds: Proactively track emerging threats and customize to industry needs
  • AI Insights: Automatic extraction and enrichment of articles
  • Automated Newsletters: Create and send daily cyber briefs
  • Integrations & API for instant sharing insights with team and ecosystem

Feedly – Pricing

Feedly offers two pricing plans:

  • Standard plan: $1,200/month billed annually, includes Market Intelligence AI Models, 100 AI Feeds, Trend Insights Cards, Team Collaboration, 5 Newsletter Templates, up to 10 seats.
  • Advanced plan: $2,400/month billed annually, includes everything in Standard, plus additional features like API Access, Single Sign-On, Unlimited workshops & training, Large Company Lists, up to 25 seats.

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